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MFP & Co works to the highest standards in providing first class client service. We take a proactive approach and are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients. This way we can understand your unique situation and customise the assistance we provide to suit your needs. We understand the importance of having an accounting firm that is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways of assisting clients to achieve their goals.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the hardworking nature of our firm and the exceptional services we offer. We specialise in providing small and medium owner-managed businesses with the financial and business advice they require for profitable growth.

The accounting and financial services industry is extremely competitive, especially with some organisations promising the world to acquire clients. At MFP & Co we only offer services to which we are able to deliver in a logical, efficient, effective, and user friendly manner. Our success in this practice finds our clients not only enjoying our services, but also enjoying promoting us to colleagues and associates.


We believe that honesty and consistency is paramount to any service, and as such our promise is to provide the same quality of service throughout our relationship.


Change is inevitable. To maintain the status quo in many instances is the fundamental source of decreasing productivity and wealth.


The agreement and program that is negotiated at inception will be carried throughout our business relationship and expect to be held accountable otherwise.

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Key Tax Dates

21 OCTOBER 2023 Annual pay as you go (PAYG) instalment notice (Form N) – due date for payment. Lodgement is only required if yo...

04-10-2023 204 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

PAYG Instalments For Business And Investment Income

Pay as you go (PAYG) instalments are regular prepayments of tax on your business and investment income. By paying regular instalme...

04-10-2023 186 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

Getting Your Rental Right This Tax Time

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is reminding rental property owners to take care when lodging their tax return this tax time...

04-10-2023 176 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

Shared Equity Home Buyer Help

Shared Equity Home Buyer Helper is the NSW Government initiative that makes it easier and much more affordable for eligible people...

04-10-2023 181 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

Principal Place Of Residence Land Tax Exemption

Land may currently be exempt from land tax where only one of multiple owners occupies the property as a principal place of residen...

04-10-2023 172 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

Medicare Levy, Medicare Levy Surcharge And Private Health Insurance

CHECK YOUR FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES Accurately reporting your family details is critical to correctly calculate the Medicare levy, Me...

04-10-2023 173 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

Using Business Money For Private Purposes

If you use money or assets from your company or trust for private purposes and do not account for the transactions correctly, ther...

04-10-2023 159 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

Gifts And Donations Of Crypto Assets

GIVING A GIFT OR DONATION IN CRYPTO When you gift or donate crypto assets, you are disposing of them. Therefore, donating crypto ...

04-10-2023 161 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma


VALUING FUND ASSETS FOR YOUR SMSF ANNUAL RETURN One of many responsibilities SMSF trustees have every income year is valuing your...

04-10-2023 170 2nd Quarter 2024 Marco Palma - avatar Marco Palma

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